【Health examinations】 Do I have to do the examination? Why are the tests different for each age?

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We usually get a medical check-up every year as instructed by school or company, yet we don’t really understand what kind of examinations and why should we get it…Aren’t there quite a lot of people who have those questions?

In this opportunity, we would like to introduce about health examinations that seems to be known, yet actually not well known.

Types of health examinations

There are actually various types of health examinations.

①General medical examination

  • Regular examination once a year.
  • Approximately 30 items of general examinations such as medical examinations, urine or blood tests, and chest X-rays.
  • Target: 35-74 years old

②Additional medical examination

  • In addition to general medical examinations, the number of examination items will be added to utilize check-up for health management, such as early detection of illness and lifestyle-related improvement.
  • Target: Those who currently 40 or 50 years old among those who undergo general medical examination.

③Breast cancer / cervical cancer screening

  • Interview ・ Breast cancer examination by breast X-ray examination (mammography), cervical cancer examination by uterine cytopathology (smear method).

・ Target: Women of even-numbered age who are 40 years old or older who wish to undergo a general medical examination.
※ The fee is different for people aged 40-48 and those aged 50 and over, because the shooting method for the inspection is different.

④Cervical cancer screening (single consultation)

  • Cervical cancer examination by consultation and uterine cytopathology (smear method).
  • Target: Women aged 20 to 38 and even-numbered who wish to receive a medical examination.
    ※ People aged 36-38 who are getting a general medical examination, can also undergo the screening together.

⑤Hepatitis virus test (optional)

  • A test to check for infection of hepatitis-B virus and hepatitis-C virus.
  • Target: Those who have never undergone this test and are 35 years old or older, and whose ※ALT (GPT) value is 36 U / l or higher in the medical examination results.
    ※ALT (GPT): A test item that checks the degree of damage to cells in the liver. 4-44 IU / L is said to be a normal value, and if it is high, it is suspected from alcohol overdose, obesity, drugs, hepatitis virus, etc.

Reasons why there are different test items for each age

For example, the onset of “breast cancer” are on its peak in the late 40s, but some begin to increase in the 30s, and the onset is conspicuous in the relatively young age. Therefore, it is recommended to do examination regularly starting from the 30s.

In this way, since the risk of diseases that are likely to occur according to age is known to some extent, the necessary test items are set in preparation for the risk according to age.

Informations and diseases that can be identified in each test item

  • Blood test (fasting blood glucose / lipid / γ-GTP): General lipid abnormalities and blood glucose abnormalities
  • Urinalysis: stones, nephritis, diabetes-related, liver disease
  • Abdominal ultrasonography: diseases of internal organs such as liver, pancreas, and kidneys
  • Chest CT scan: Bronchial diseases such as lung cancer
  • Gastric camera or fecal occult blood reaction test: gastrointestinal diseases such as gastric cancer and intestinal cancer, or helicobacter pylori test

About the examination results

When there is no re-examination item

Take care of your health in your current condition. For [early detection] and [early treatment] of any illness, please continue to have a medical examination once a year.

When there is a re-examination item

Since the health checkup is basically a simple one, it is necessary to do a more detailed examination to find out why the abnormal value is occurring.

It is necessary to check whether there was indeed a problem, or if it is in need of treatment. Even if there are no symptoms, serious illness may be hidden.

Since you have undergone the examination, be sure to go to the clinic instead of making a self-judgment and abandon the results.

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