[Children’s vaccination] Differences between Vietnam and Japan

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Vaccination/Immunization is the vaccination of a body that can immunize against the pathogen that causes the infectious disease to immunize against the disease or strengthen the immunity.

The content and timing of vaccination varies from country to country. So in this opportunity, we will introduce the difference of child vaccinations between Vietnam and Japan that can be understood in 10 minutes!

Differences between vaccinations in Vietnam and Japan

First, let’s see the difference between vaccinations in Vietnam and Japan!

Some vaccinations are carried out as routine vaccinations in both Japan and Vietnam, but some vaccinations are carried out only in one country. The table below summarizes it in Table 1.

Table 1: “Comparison of vaccinations” between Japan and Vietnam

Japanese encephalitis
Hib infection
Hundred days cough
Acute poliomyelitis (polio)
Chicken pox
Pediatric pneumococcal infection
HPV (cervical cancer)
Hepatitis B
Typhoid◯(Designated area only)
Cholera◯(Designated area only)

◯ Regular vaccination

△ Voluntary vaccination

※ Regarding the HPV vaccine, only girls are eligible in Japan.

Vaccination costs in Vietnam and Japan

There are two types of vaccinations: “regular vaccinations“, which are carried out mainly by municipalities based on the law, and “voluntary vaccinations“, which are received by each applicant who wish to take a vaccine.

In Japan, regular vaccinations are available at public expense (some are at private expense). On the other hand, voluntary vaccinations are at private expense.

Please be sure to check the details of the types of vaccinations and subsidies provided by your municipality, as they may vary depending on the municipality where you live.
In Vietnam, all vaccination costs are at private expense. Currently, the Vietnamese government and international organizations are supporting programs that provide free vaccines, but many people think that free vaccines are not of good quality and are afraid to give their children free vaccinations.

Vietnam and Japan vaccinations schedule

The standard schedules for regular vaccinations in Japan and Vietnam are shown in Table 2 below.

Let’s see the difference between the routine immunization schedules of both countries.

Table 2: “Comparison of regular inoculation schedules” between Japan and Vietnam

Vaccinations periodJapanVietnam
Immediately after giving birthnoneTuberculosis: 1 dose Hepatitis B: 1st dose (inoculated within 24 hours after birth)
2nd monthHepatitis B: 1st dose Rotavirus / Hib infection / Streptococcus pneumoniae: 1st doseDiphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough: 1st dose Hepatitis B: 2nd dose Hib infection: 1st dose Live polio vaccine: 1st dose
3rd monthHepatitis B: 2nd dose (3rd dose: 4-5 months after 2nd dose) Rotavirus / Hib infection / Streptococcus pneumoniae: 2nd dose Diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough, polio: 1st doseDiphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough: 2nd dose Hepatitis B: 3rd dose Hib infection: 2nd dose Live polio vaccine: 2nd dose
4th monthRotavirus / Hib infection / Streptococcus pneumoniae: 3rd dose Diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough, polio: 2nd doseDiphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough: 3rd dose Hepatitis B: 4th dose Hib infection: 3rd dose Live polio vaccine: 3rd dose
5th monthDiphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough, polio: 3rd dose Hepatitis Bnone
9th monthnonemeasles
18 monthsnoneDiphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough: 4th dose Measles / Rubella: MR
1 year oldMeasles / Rubella: 1st dose Chickenpox: 1st doseJapanese encephalitis inactivated vaccine 1st dose: 1 year old 2nd dose: Two weeks after the 1st dose 3rd dose: 1 year after the 2nd dose
2 years oldChickenpox: 2nd doseCholera oral inactivated vaccine 1st dose: 2 years old 2nd dose: One month after the 1st dose ※Only for infants in the designated area
3-5 years oldMeasles / Rubella: 2nd dose Japanese encephalitis 3 time vaccinations starting from 3 years old. The fourth time is 9 years old.Typhoid inactivated vaccine ※Only for infants in the designated area
15-45 years oldHPV: 3 time vaccines for 6th grade schooler to high school 1st grade (for girl).Tetanus 1st dose: As soon as possible at the time of consultation or during pregnancy 2nd dose: 4 weeks after the 1st dose 3rd dose: 6 months after the 2nd dose 4th dose: 1 year after the 3rd dose 5th dose: 1 year after the 4th dose ※Only for girls.

Vaccination sites in Vietnam and Japan

In Japan, you can get vaccinated at many pediatric clinics and hospitals, but there are also limitation on availability of vaccines, so be sure to check the time, place, time, etc. before getting vaccinated.

If there is any family hospital around, we recommend you to have your child vaccinated on the hospital, because the doctor knows your child’s condition and can give appropriate advice.

On the other hand, in Vietnam, public hospitals are crowded with a large number of patients, and it is common to wait for a long time in such an environment. Therefore, although it is more expensive than public hospitals, many people use private hospitals and clinics.

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