【Online medical interpreter】 What are the advantages and disadvantages, the difference from face-to-face medical interpreters, and the commission fee?

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What would you do if you were sick or injured in a foreign land? The language barrier may prevent one for asking someone for help, calling an ambulance, or taking any action.

You can’t just leave such a direct life-threatening problem to your luck. The “medical interpreter” stands for one who goes between the hospital and the patient and supports the consultation linguistically.

Recently, “online medical interpreters” have also received increasing attention.

In this opportunity, we will introduce an online medical interpreter that will be a remote bridge between healthcare professionals and patients.

What is an online medical interpreter?

First of all, medical interpreting means supporting communication with hospitals and doctors, so that foreign patients who do not speak Japanese can receive appropriate medical services in Japan.

And providing this linguistic support online using communication devices such as telephone and video calls is called online medical interpreter.

With the spreading of Covid-19, access to medical institutions have been restricted nowadays.

Even in this difficult situation, if it is an online medical interpreter, it is possible to provide a high-quality medical interpreter without going to the site by using a smartphone and a network environment, so it is a service that currently attracts a lot of attention.

In addition, a person who provides medical interpreter is called a “medical interpreter”, but a medical interpreter not only translates words, but also does not make a difference in recognition due to differences in culture, religion, etc. They will also take care of you and explain your doctor’s explanations.

Therefore, it is said that medical interpreters require advanced skills that go beyond general interpreters, and there are increasing demands for medical interpreters as specialized interpreters.

A medical interpreter with a wide range of knowledge and high humanity may be seen to be a very reliable existence for patients.

Main differences between face-to-face medical interpreter and online medical interpreter

Face-to-face interpreter

“Face-to-face interpretation” is characterized by having an interpreter come to the site directly, where the interpreter will be interpreting and do the translation directly.

Online medical interpreter

“Online interpreting” is characterized by having an interpreter do their work by using a telephone, smartphone or tablet, instead of going directly to the site.

Advantages and disadvantages of online medical interpreting and face-to-face medical interpreting

The advantages and disadvantages of online medical interpreters and face-to-face medical interpreters are as follows.

Online medical interpreter・ Be able to do immediate interpreting ・ The risk of virus infection can be minimized because the interpreter does not have to accompany the doctor. ・ Available regions and languages are not limited ・ The commission fee is lower, because there is no need for transportation expenses and the waiting time is minimal.・ Interpreters may not be able to fully understand the atmosphere of the site and the detailed nuances of communication. ・ When something happens, it is difficult to respond flexibly ・ It may affect the medical examination depending on the telephone communication and internet environment.
Face-to-face medical interpreter・ There is a sense of security in meeting and talking with the interpreter in person ・ It is possible to respond flexibly according to the situation・ It is difficult to keep up with the schedule ・ Available regions and languages are limited ・ The commission fee is higher, because movement and waiting time, transportation expenses, etc. are also subject to billing.

Fees for medical interpreting

The fee for requesting a face-to-face medical interpreter may vary, depending on the level and experience of the medical interpreter. The guideline can be seen as follows.

◆For Level 2 Medical Interpreters

10.000 – 20.000 yen/half a day, and 20.000 – 30.000 yen/day

◆For a first-class medical interpreter

30.000 – 40.000 yen/half a day, and 40.000 – 50.000 yen/day

In addition to the above, a separate fee such as transportation expenses ore other fees for the interpreter are required.

On the other hand, online medical interpreters are cheaper than face-to-face medical interpreters, because they do not require waiting time or transportation costs.

As an online medical interpretation service at an external medical institution, OHDr. offers 4.000 yen for individual members and 2.000 yen for corporate members.

Introduction of online medical interpreter and agency reservation service

Do you have any problems like this?

“I have physical problems, but I don’t know if I need to go to a medical institution …”

“I just came to Japan and I don’t know where to go for a medical examination …”

“I would like you to introduce an appropriate medical institution near your house …”

“I can’t explain my symptoms to the doctor well in Japanese …”

In OHDr., you can find a hospital that can accommodate you in your nearest area and make a reservation on your behalf.

※In order to guide you to the appropriate institution, it is necessary to receive a medical consultation or medical examination once to confirm the symptoms and condition.

A medical interpreter can also be present online to support the examination, so please feel free to contact us.



For those who wish to take
an Online Medical Examination

We have many achievements in online medical support for technical intern trainees and also foreign residents in Japan.
For [multilingual online medical support],

please consult to OHDr.

  • We can provide consultation support in Japanese, English, Chinese and Vietnamese. Doctors and all staffs will respond politely as a team! (Support in Myanmar and Indonesian are also being prepared)
  • Reservation, medical consultation, medical examination, and medicines delivery can all be completed with your smartphone!

If you are interested in Online Medical Examination,
please feel free to contact OHDr. anytime!

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