【Relationship between Covid-19 and asthma / Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)】How do people with asthma / COPD spend their time in the Covid-19 era?

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2022 was the second year of Covid-19 pandemic.

The Covid-19 has spread worldwide and has negative impacts not only on health, but also on various aspects such as economy, life, work and school. 

In this opportunity, OHDr. will introduce the relationship between Covid-19 and asthma / COPD, as well as some basic infection prevention measures.

What is asthma / COPD?


Asthma is a disease on a part called [airway], which is the passage of air from the trachea to the lungs, that become narrow when seizure happens which cause difficulty on breathing.

Stimulations such as dust, cigarettes, and stress can cause seizures, but there is no problem with lung function.

It is a disease that can occur in a wide range of age groups, from children to the elderly.


COPD is a disease in which lung tissues such as the bronchi and alveoli become inflamed and hardened, making it difficult for the lungs to swell and gradually reducing respiratory function.

Most are developed due to long-term smoking, and are more common in the elderly.

Relationship between asthma / COPD and Covid-19

A study conducted by the National Center for Child Health and Development in 2020 suggested that patients with bronchial asthma are less susceptible to Covid-19 than those who do not, and that bronchial asthma may not be at risk of aggravation…

On the other hand, it was found that lots of COPD patients who are infected with Covid-19 develop worse symptoms. *

From this, it can be said that COPD patients need to be more careful on Covid-19.

However, asthma patients do not always get worse. To protect yourself from infection, you need to be conscious and take proper measures.

Infection prevention measures

①Hand hygiene (washing hands, disinfecting hands)

Hand hygiene is very effective in preventing contact infections.

If you touch something when you are outside, disinfect your fingers with alcohol immediately for disinfection. Be sure to wash your hands after going home or before eating.

It is said that hand hygiene is especially inadequate in areas such as the thumb, fingertips, nails and fingers.

Whenever you wash your hands, use soap and gently scrub them for 20-30 seconds.

②Wearing a mask

Masks can prevent droplet infections. It is said that a mask can reduce the amount of virus inhaled to 60-80%, compared to the case without a mask.

Also, although the number of people using face shields is increasing, droplets can come from the bottom and sides, so we cannot expect the same effect as a mask.

Try to wear a mask at all times, with or without symptoms.

③Room ventilation

Replacing the air is very effective as an infection control measure.

Open the windows of the room several times a day to let the air out of the room and let the outside air into the room.

④Health management

Make sure you have enough time to sleep and eat a nutritious diet to boost your immune.

Also, even when you can’t go out, try to live a healthy life by walking and exercising at home.

Advice from the doctor for asthma / COPD patients

For asthma and COPD, it is very important to control the condition so that there are no seizures, and the symptoms do not worsen.

Some people refrain themselves from seeing a doctor in fear of being infected with Covid-19, but it is extremely dangerous to stop taking or inhaling medicines without consulting it.

If you are taking asthma / COPD medicines, make a schedule so that you can see a doctor before you run out of medicines.

Also, if your symptoms worsen, please visit a medical institution immediately.
If you have stable symptoms and are worried about getting infected by going out, you can get medicine by online consultation.


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