Internet addiction | Symptoms, prevention and countermeasures?

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I unconsciously touched my cell phone, and when I felt like I just started checking SNS, several hours had passed … I think there are surprisingly many people who have had such experiences.

In recent years, Internet addiction has become one of the major social problems.

In this opportunity, we would like to introduce symptoms of Internet addiction, preventive measures, and countermeasures.

Please check it to see if you and your family are too dependent on the internet!

What is internet addiction?

The definition of internet addiction has not yet been decided, but to put it simply, it has the meaning of “individual who give priority to use the Internet over their physical and mental health, family and social relationships, and once it becomes chronic, the individual will be unable to control their own time.”

Background of internet addiction

There are two reasons why Internet addiction is increasing rapidly.

Social changes due to the spread of the Internet

In recent years, computers and smartphones have become easily obtained, making it possible to easily collect information anytime, anywhere.

They are used as a tool for communication and regional revitalization, and online shops are also widely used to procure daily necessities.

Not only that,Internet contents such as video and music distribution has become easily accessed, and the Internet is now becoming an indispensable part of our daily lives.

In addition, programming education in elementary schools has become compulsory starting 2020, and opportunities to come into contact with the computer and internet have increased from an early age.

As a result, the opportunities and frequency of Internet usage have increased explosively, and the number of cases of Internet addiction has increased rapidly.

Outbreak of Covid-19

With the outbreak of Covid-19, people who are encouraged to work from home to avoid the infection has increased significantly, and most people spend as much as possible at home instead of going out on holidays.

With this situation, there are increase in people who have more opportunities to use the Internet, such as communicating with others using the Internet and social medias because they cannot meet in person, and enjoying video distribution services on holidays.

Also, the spreading of Covid-19 may not be easily resolved, which is considered to be one of the main cause of increasing opportunities and addiction of internet.

Internet Addiction symptoms

Internet addiction is said to have the following symptoms.

  • The individual may not be able to stop browsing the Internet or using smartphone on their own initiative
  • Even if someone tells them to stop, they can’t
  • They cannot leave the environment where they can use the Internet
  • If they don’t use the internet, they may feel anxious or frustrated
  • They think about the internet all the time, to the point that it interferes with their daily life
  • Overusing the internet and online games until it puts an impact on health
  • They cannot stop paying services for internet games, etc.

Impact of internet addiction

Internet addiction has great impact not only on the physical side but also on daily life.

Impact on the body

  • Malnutrition due to an unbalanced diet
  • Decreased physical strength and bone density due to lack of exercise

Impact on the mental

  • Sleep disorders due to night-owl life
  • Feel frustated or lethargic in an environment without internet
  • It can lead to depression

Impact on daily life

  • Become enthusiastic about the internet, which result on deteriorating grades, often late at school and company
  • Prioritizing internet over socializing with family and friends, which deteriorate human relationships

Prevention of internet addiction

Rule making

It is also possible to prevent becoming an internet addiction. The point is to discuss the effects of internet addiction with your family, and create rules for using the internet.

  • The rules are decided by discussing with the family.
  • Determine the time to use, the place to use, and the maximum of the amount of money that can be used on games services.
  • Write the rules on a piece of paper and put it where everyone can see it.
  • Determine the penalty for failing to follow the rules.
  • Both children and parents need to follow the rules.

Ingenuity of time without using the Internet

It is also important to enjoy the time when you do not use the Internet.

For example, create an opportunity to enjoy an environment without the Internet, such as participating in outdoor activities like camping and mountain climbing.

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